Seven Japanese Indie Artists you should check out

Adam Rifi
2 min readMay 2, 2022


The best Japan has to offer beyond mainstream J-Pop

Indie music has always been my favorite genre, so naturally, I tried to find some new, local artists when I came to Japan. Here are some of my favorite, current Japanese indie musicians!

1. Kaneko Ayano

My favorite Japanese Artists. Her music combines mellow tunes with some really powerful instrumentals which cover topics such as love and family but also just everyday life. Favorite song: ロマンス宣言.

2. Vaundy

One of Japan’s top-up-and-coming artists who is actually still a student. Remember this fellow; he will be one of the big names in Japan’s music future. Favorite song: 踊り子.

3. Satomoka

Cutesy electronic tunes sang with a bubbly voice with even cuter music videos. Favorite song: Melt Bitter.

4. Never Young Beach

Japanese indie band rock done right; Summer and beach vibes included! Favorite song: 明るい未来.

5. Mega Shinnosuke

Great variable artists with funky and vibe-y songs. Also some pretty great music videos. Favorite Song: 桃源郷とタクシー.

6. Chili Beans

Female trio indie band producing some funky tunes to dance to. Another band to look out for in the future. Favorite Song: Lemonade.

7. Suzuki Mamiko

One-half of the Japanese female rap duo Chelmico (who are also awesome, by the way), who went solo recently. Lo-fi Japanese hip hop with great beats. Favorite Song: Blue.

Please give those artists a listen, and I hope this list inspired you to check out some awesome music from Japan!

Photo by Joen Patrick Caagbay on Unsplash



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