I made a free Japan Travel Map for you

Adam Rifi
3 min readApr 10, 2022

Here’s how you can access it for free

I made this custom map while trying to create a system for sorting through all the travel and photo spots I wanted to visit in Japan. If you are familiar with how Custom Google Maps work, feel free to just access it via this link. If not, read on for a brief explanation of how you can get the most out of this free travel resource.

About the Map

This Custom Google Map is broken down into a couple of different categories which are all color-coded and with their own unique icon: Tokyo (light blue photo icon), for Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo, Hiking spots (green, hiking icon) for Hikes, Photo Spots (Purple, photo icon), for Photo Spots across Japan as well as Sakura Spots (pink, flower icon), for Sakura Spots. By clicking the checkmark on top of each layer, you can collapse each of them individually, based on your interests or season.

If you click on any of the places, you will see a corresponding photo, as well as a Google Maps Link to quickly find your way to your desired spot and get a quick idea of what you can expect there. Some spots will also have a YouTube link if you want to get an even more in-depth look.

You can copy this map and add it to your own personal Google Account to access it on the go or when you are traveling.

How to use it

This is part of my personal traveling process, which I might do a separate blog post on in the future, but what I like to do is to look at the map and see which spots are in proximity to each other. This way, I can easily plan each travel day based on what I want to see. It’s a nice and easy way to visualize distances and to get an idea of where you want to visit in which order.

This map will be regularly updated based on spots I stumble upon across different platforms, so feel free to check in occasionally to see if something new has been added!

I hope this map will help you with your Japan travel planning and allow you to explore a couple more places that aren’t found in every tourist guidebook!



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