The best places to see Sakura in Tokyo

Must-see places to view Japan’s most famous flowers

Each spring at the end of March Japan turns pink; the country’s famous Sakura flowers start blossoming at this time in many areas around the country including Tokyo. If you happen to be in Japan at this time, make sure not to miss these spots in the capital:

1. Chidorigafuchi greenery road

2. Meguro River Promenade

3. Inokashira Park

4. Shinjuku Gyoen

5. Mount Takao

6. Aoyama Cemetery

7. Kawazu Sakura

While these were some of my personal favorite spots in Tokyo, there are many many more inside the city that is waiting to be discovered. So go out there and find them this spring; they are waiting for you!



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Adam Rifi

Lover of Japan, Travel, Food & Cooking and Frugality. New to blogging but always wanted to try it!